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Common anchor chain accessories include Kent shackle, end shackle, swivel ring group, swivel ring shackle, connection shackle, etc.

  • Involves a wide range of professional shackles and chains
  • The supply of chain/boat anchor shackle calls for a functional network structure, with high viscosity characteristics
  • The civil market needs to have a global after-sales service network
  • Acceptance standard, according to the national standard can be accepted .

Ship accessories manufactured by Qingdao WANCEHGN, one of the famous anchor shackle suppliers in China, can meet your almost need. We can provide types of shackles and chains, for example, galvanized shackles, lifting shakles, the stainless steel anchor shackle, Kenter shackle parts, quick release anchor shackle, lugged anchor shackle, buoy shackle.

If you are in need of ship equipment and want to find a reliable anchor chain manufacturer, please send us an E-mail.

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