Ship Equipment

Ship equipment means any movable but non-consumable equipment used on board, other than ship spare parts. Mainly include anchor chain equipment, anchor equipment, mooring equipment, towing equipment, cargo lifting equipment, life-saving equipment, closing equipment, piping, outfitting, bilge water system, ballast system, daily water system, fire fighting equipment, ventilation Air conditioning and refrigeration equipment, ship accessories, boat outfittings etc.

Through the application of this equipment to complete the voyage of the ship departure from loading and unloading of goods such as production, and ensure the safety of the ship and personnel ship must configure a set of meet the requirements of the specification after power equipment and auxiliary equipment, to sail on the water.

Qingdao WAC Anchor Chain is a collection of cable ship supplies and related products research and development production and sales in the integration of enterprise groups, we have an excellent production team, the quality of the products for you a professional sales team, to provide you with professional design and service. WAC Anchor Chain keeps a considerable stock of brand anchor chains for shipping, aquaculture and the offshore industry with ABS, LR, NK, KR, CCS, BV, DNL GL, RMRS certificates. The chain is located in Qingdao, China. We deliver worldwide, 24 hours a day and 356 days a year.

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