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Company History

Qingdao Wancheng Anchor Chain Co., Ltd. was registered and established. It is an enterprise specializing in the research and development, production and sales of anchor chains, industry chains and related parts of ship equipment products, fishery products, and marine engineering products.


The company mainly produced M1, M2, M3 marine anchor chains, German standard, American standard, Australian standard chain, lifting chain, cargo lashing chain, boom chain and various special-shaped chains according to customer requirements. The annual output value is about 50 million yuan.

The company began to enter the field of marine accessory products. As a professional anchor chain manufacturer, WAC established five global trade departments, including Asia, Europe, and Americas, realized global trade in anchor chains and ship accessories, with an annual output value of more than 100 million yuan.


The company introduced intelligent equipment and upgraded traditional equipment, striving to realize the company's transformation and upgrading from "manufacturing" to "intelligent manufacturing". The company's production business scope has also been further expanded. In addition to providing various marine supporting products including anchors, anchor chains, deck machinery, and outfitting parts for domestic and foreign customers, it has begun to enter the development, research and production of various fishery and aquaculture products. The annual output value exceeded 150 million yuan.

The company's product popularity and reputation have increased rapidly, the annual output value has already exceeded 200 million yuan, the market share has been expanding, and the company has always maintained a strong momentum of selling. Next step, the company will continue to accelerate the expansion of the product chain and industrial chain, strengthen communication with universities and marine scientific research institutions, establish technical alliances, actively participate in the research work of national and provincial scientific research projects, and vigorously implement the construction of fishery marine ranches. Advantages make up for shortcomings, continue to innovate development methods, actively explore the deep integration of fishery marine pastures with tourism development and recreational fisheries, improve the comprehensive management capabilities of marine pastures, undertake the incubation and landing of marine engineering projects, and contribute to the development of global marine undertakings.


The company expanded the scale of the factory, increased equipment investment, and build a new welding factory to achieve all-around integrated production of customer requirements, reduce product circulation links, and further prevent risks caused by product circulation and improve product quality stability. WAC aims to provide more delicate products and professional services. In this year, the company is facing a lot of opportunities and challenges. At the same time, in order to meet the requirements of production efficiency and capacity, the company introduced fully automatic welding robots in the same year to ensure the welding efficiency and quality of the products.

In order to meet the needs of different specifications of the anchor chain, the company added two automatic anchor chain welding machines 9# and 10#, and the product specification of the anchor chain was increased from the previous 50mm to 106mm. In 2020, in order to build a comprehensive intelligent factory workshop, the company has invested heavily to upgrade the original production management system ERP and CRM, from the original semi-intelligence to an intelligent factory workshop. At the same time, the company expanded its forging factory Zhonghe Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. Our renewed Forged Factory is under construction, the finished 16000sqm workshop will be equipment machine of Forged production Line, Heat Treatment that will produce High End lifting shackle and hardware that fulfill to EN13889, and ISO9001. Committed to Maritime Safety, lashing equipment, forged, lifting, lifting solutions, lifting operations, Agricultural machinery parts business, and in order to increase the diversified production of the forging plant and meet the product needs of different orders, the company introduced a brand new 2500T spiral friction press, a 1000 Tone, from the previous forged parts under 10kg to 100kg or less.

In Future

We will continue to maintain an innovative R&D attitude and continue to inject fresh blood into the company. Let us look forward to 2021-2030 together.

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