Grade 70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 Transport Chain

Grade 70 Transport Chain

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Introduction of G70 Transport Chain

Made from carbon alloy steel and zinc-plated gold chromate for corrosion resistance 

1. There are two main grades of chain for tie-down applications

2. Grade 43 high test chain is used for stationary, non-transport tie-downs.

3. Grade 70 transport chain is for objects being transported on a flatbed or other moving vehicle.

4. The G70 transport chain is a tractor tie-down chain for trailer ratchet cargo purposes, featuring both high tensile strength and resistance to wear than ordinary low carbon steel grade 30 chain and high test chain G43.

5. The transport chain is an ideal choice for load binding applications. It is also well suited for tie-downs, truckload binding application and for use in towing, construction, truckers chain towing, hi tie trailer tie system, container security, and safe working load(chain towing and logging chain). It is approved for truck tie-downs used for interstate transport.

Specification of G70 Transport Chain

Nominal Chain Size
Material DiameterWorking Load Limit, MaxProof Test.MinMinimum  Breaking ForceInside Length MaxInside Width Min


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