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Aquaculture means human use available waters are for breeding (including planting) rearing, and harvesting of fish, shellfish, algae, and other organisms. According to the ecological habits of the breeding objects and the different requirements for the environmental conditions of the waters, aquaculture technology and facilities are used to engage in aquatic economic animal and plant breeding. It is an agricultural production sector. one. According to the nature of the waters, it is divided into marine aquaculture and freshwater aquaculture. According to the breeding and planting objects, it is divided into fish, shrimp, crab, shellfish, and algae, gorgonian, lotus, lotus root, etc. By vigorously transforming and utilizing all the waters and potential waters available for aquaculture, human beings expand the aquaculture area and increase the output per unit area (water body); open up new fields and new ways of aquaculture, develop industrialization, mechanization, high-density warm water, and cages (including multi-layer cages), artificial fish reefs, three-dimensional, inter-mixed and other aquaculture, develop in the direction of intensive management, tap the potential of aquatic production; protect aquatic resources and ecological environment, and the aquaculture industry has achieved rapid development.


In order to meet the above goals, human design and produce many different aquaculture equipment, various auxiliary tools and instruments, these equipment are used to better protect the planting objects, better simulate the growth and living environment, and isolate the interference of external unfavorable environmental factors. Let the cultivated plants grow rapidly in an environment that is more conducive to them, while reducing the cost of breeding and shortening the breeding cycle. wac mainly produce Fish Farming Chain & Accessory, Fishery Hardware, Pot And Traps related products, we can customize the development of breeding equipment according to the customer's requirement, helping customers to save more costs and better adapt to the specific local breeding environment.


Our Aquaculture Products

Fish Farming Chain & Accessory

Fishery Hardware

Pot And Traps

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