Thimble Tube & Master Link


The Thimble +Master link has been Pre-fabricated together, providing easy handling in Splicing and is stronger than K3 Thimble during load.

Material: Mild steel

Finish: Galvanized according to ISO1461

Temperature range: -20°C up to +200°C 

Standard certification: NS9415 

Suitable for fibre rope

More sizes or custom products available on request


Features of Thimble Tube & Master Link:


  • NDT tested on welding
  • Unique Marking on each batch for easy trackable
  • HDG thickness min 85 microns.
  • Sharpen Edge rounded off, Rope friendly
  • Master link tempered and Quenched,
  • Master Link was Gently treated through HDG to Heated Treatment, avoid hydrogen embrittlement


Specification of Thimble Tube & Master Link:



Rope Thimble Size mm Master Link MBL T
40 25.8
48 34
56 43.2
64 51.7
72 85.3



Application of Thimble Tube & Master Link:


Fish farm Mooring , Buoy Mooring.


Photos of Thimble Tube & Master Link:



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