Sandin Anchor


Sandin Anchor has is a Conventional Anchor with solid construction to withstand high load. It has high holding power and weight ratio and very suitable for seabed of sand and mix Soil. Sanding Anchor can be delivered in  Welding status as well as  Bolted Type with consideration of saving space in container Transport. Easy to deploy and provide a better ratio between cost and performance.


Features of Sandin Anchor:


  • Very solid construction design withstand higher load

  • Full Welding Procedure Specification

  • Each Anchor has a unique identification for Quality tracking

  • Surface Color and  Logo can be tailored.


Specification of Sandin Anchor:



Sandig Anchor  
500 10 30 15
750 15 45 22.5
1000 20 60 30
1500 30 90 45
2000 40 120 60
2500 50 150 75



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