Our 13mm grade 80 chain is expertly crafted from specially quenched and tempered Alloy steel, renowned for its unparalleled toughness and strength. Each chain produced by our state-of-the-art lifting equipment factory undergoes rigorous testing using professional automatic testing machines to proof load every link, with our internal marking stamped onto each link for quality traceability. As such, our alloy steel chains are a guarantee of exceptional strength, low weight, high wear resistance and long life.

Features of 13mm*80mm*24mm Lashing Chain:

  • Enhanced durability with reduced weight.
  • Exhibits exceptional wear resistance and boasts an extended lifespan.
  • Customized packaging

Drawing of 13mm*80mm*24mm Lashing Chain:

Specification of 13mm*80mm*24mm Lashing Chain:


Nominal size Material diameter tolerance Weld diameter Pitch weight/M WLL(T) MBL(T)
Pn p max. p min.
13MM ±0.52mm 14.3 13 80 24 3 5 20

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