What Are the installation Requirements of A Kenter Shackle?


Ship anchor chains usually have about 11-12 knots per side. The standard length of each anchor chain is 27.5 meters. Shackles are required between each anchor chain and the place where it is connected to the anchor. This connection function is used in Kenter shackles. The end of the anchor chain is connected with the anchor shackle by the end of it.


It can be seen from the structure diagram and physical photos of the Кентерская скоба (Figure 1, 2, 3) that the detachable shackle is fixed by sealing with lead by means of a special-shaped anchor chain stop and a tapered pin. From Figure 4, the shackle at the end of the chain can be seen. There are also tapered pins that are fixed with lead sealing.


WAC Kenter Shackle

(Figure 1)


WAC Kenter Link

(Figure 2)


WAC Kenter Shackle Installation

(Figure 3)



After being dealt with serious accidents in which too many anchor shackles were loosened or even completely loosened, resulting in the loss of part of the chain and anchors. As shown in Figure 5, the shackle crosspiece pin at the end of the chain was loose. If the installation is not firm, it is not cable to avoid the serious accident of losing the anchor.


WAC Kenter Shackle Usage

(Figure 5)


After an in-depth understanding of the производитель якорных цепей and the construction site, it can be learned that the first reason is that the tapered pin and the shackle are not well fitted. This should be checked with blue oil or red lead powder. The contact area should be more than 70% in order to fully ensure the fastening force after the pin is driven in. The second reason is that the worker is lazy during the installation, and the lead is hardly driven in by a hammer, and should not be used in accordance with the construction process. The method of melting the lead, the molten lead is injected so that it is fully integrated to ensure its sealing effect. Therefore, it is not easy to cause the pin to fall off and cause a major loss of anchor loss. 

Regardless of whether the ship is newly built or repaired, the above installation requirements should be highly regarded, otherwise serious losses may be caused.