Транспортное крепление

WAC have a wide range of solutions for easy but safe lashing of most trasport solution. Thanks to our research department and factory we are also able to develop custom solutions to special requirements. The manufacturing in our weaving mill is subject to constant inspection, strength testing etc.

Trasport lashing equipment is utilized for moving things by means of vehicles, vans, and trucks. By utilizing lashing hardware you can expand the security of your items that you are shipping starting with one region then onto the next. Lashing hardware doesn’t be guaranteed to should be utilized for moving things, it very well may be simply to get a thing making it a famous thing with our esteemed clients.

Transport lashing equipment is somewhat lightweight and can be enveloped with a little region as to not occupy a lot of space when away. It’s significant you care for your lashing hardware and consistently test the strength of your lashing gear, for example, ratchet ties. In the event that they are not in great shape you really want to supplant them prior to utilizing them to move merchandise. They present a significant wellbeing and danger in the event that they are not good for use and cause expensive harm.

WAC Transport Lashing Products

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