Types of Ship Windlass Chain Stopper

Ⅰ. What is a windlass chain stopper?

The windlass chain stopper is located on the deck between the windlass and the cable drum to clamp the anchor chain. After the anchor is broken, the chain stopper on the lock can transmit the pulling force of the anchor chain to the hull, so that the windlass is not in a stressed state.

When sailing, the anchor windlass chain stopper bears the gravity of the anchor and part of the anchor chain, and will receive the anchor in the anchor chain barrel to close to the hull of the ship, so that no collision will occur. 

Ⅱ. Types of ship anchor chain stopper

A windlass chain stopper is a device that clamps the سلسلة المرساة when a ship is sailing or at anchor. It is also called a chain stopper.

According to the requirements of CCS regulations, the windlass chain stopper should be able to withstand the experimental load equivalent to the anchor chain, and its stress should not be greater than 90% of the material’s yield strength value.

According to the regulations of GL, LR and DNV classification societies, the windlass chain stopper should be able to withstand 80% of the breaking load of the chain passing through, and under this circumstance, its force-bearing members should not be deformed.

There are many types of anchor chain stoppers for windlass. Commonly used are guillotine type and spiral type. Others include cam type and hook type.

1. Knife type chain depressor

The knife chain catcher uses the knife to clamp the vertical chain ring passing through the guide groove to stop the anchor chain. The structure is simple and the use is convenient. The knife chain catcher currently used in the shipbuilding industry is suitable for anchor chains with a diameter of 12.5 to 68 mm.

2. Spiral chain catcher

The screw chain catcher is equipped with a pair of clamping blocks for clamping the anchor chain, and is equipped with a manipulation screw, which can tighten or release the clamping blocks at the same time. The structure is more complicated, but it is reliable in use. At present, there are two types of spiral chain stoppers commonly used in China’s shipbuilding industry, which are suitable for primary or secondary chains with a chain diameter of 22-66mm.سدادة سلسلة من نوع شريط الصب القياسي الياباني