Kenter Link Shackle


In nowadays, the world shipping industry develops better and better. Recently, however, a world shipping crisis happened in Suez Cana. On March 23, 2021, the 430 yard Ever Given became wedged diagonally across the Suez Canal in high winds, blocking all traffic. This crisis caused about $400 million lost per hour. It also made a series of impact on other industries, like oil, wood pulp, coffee bean, furniture. It can be said that the shipping industry concerns most people’s commercial life. Apart from the event, do you know something about the ship and ship accessories before?


Never mind, WANCHENG, a professional anchor chain manufacturer China, will introduce some part of the ship to you. When the ship finished a voyage and needed a checking, we can see that every part of the ship plays an indispensable role during the voyage.


Anchor chain accessories include connecting shackle, end shackle, and swivel group.

1. Joint shackle: Kent shackle or D-shaped joint shackle used to connect chain links.

2. End shackle: A shackle is used to connect the anchor end link and the anchor.

3. Swivel group: A rotatable part is installed on the anchor end link to prevent excessive twisting of the anchor chain.


What is a Kenter shackle?

Kenter shackle is a part of the ship which is used to connect the top of the rigging with the ear plate at the lower part of the beam for easy installation and disassembly when the rigging is used in conjunction with the beam. The shackle is the most widely used connection tool in lifting operation. It is mainly used for frequent installation and disassembly of the connection part in hoisting.