Learn Some Common Failures Of Anchor Equipment

Through years of experience of manufacturing anchor, WAC thinks that the common failures of anchor equipment are mainly manifested in the following aspects:

1. The brake pads are worn out. The maximum wear of brake pads exceeds 30% of the initial thickness and should be replaced. The tightening countersunk bolts of the ship brake pads are loose, indicating that the bolt heads have been worn out and may need to be replaced.

2. The surface of the brake hub is corroded. Rust will cause unevenness on the surface of the brake hub, reducing the contact area between the brake pads and the brake hub, and ultimately affecting the reduction of brake torque.

3. The brake screw is corroded or the teeth are damaged. Regularly check the condition of all the screws of the brake lever and apply butter to protect it, which will be rusty and active, which will easily cause the brake belt to be unable to tighten when operating the brake mechanism by one person.

4. Insufficient amount of brake lever thread. If there is no margin, the brake can’t go on. For some types of brake mechanisms, the failure of the adjusting screw will also cause the change of the brake lever thread margin, so special attention should be paid.

5. The pin of the brake pad is corroded. The pin shaft needs to be filled with butter regularly. If it is not added, it is easy to rust and cause the brake mechanism to be tight. When the brake handwheel is operated by one person, the brake will not be tight. according to the suggestion from the anchor chain enterprises of ancla china, the brake pad should be tested by different technical staff.

6. Improper adjustment of brake shoe limit bolts. In order to prevent the upper brake pads from sagging and cause uneven wear of the upper and lower brake bands, there are limit bolts under the lower brake pads. The clearance is recommended to be adjusted to 3~5mm. If the clearance is too small, the brake bands may not loosen; if it is too large, then speed up the wear of the upper brake belt.

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7. The relative position of the chain stopper and the grillete de ancla con orejetas is incorrect. It is usually caused by the misalignment of the anchor chain or sprocket after wear. After retracting the anchor chain, tighten the anchor chain with steel wire to prevent the anchor crown from sloshing.

8. The pin of the chain stop is corroded and thinned. After the anchor is broken, close the chain stopper, and the traction force of the anchor chain is transmitted to the chain stopper. There have been cases where the pin of the chain stopper was bent due to the heavy force of the anchor chain. When the anchor was lifted into the port, it was impossible to loosen the chain stopper and retract the chain.

9. The windlass clutch should be disconnected when it should be disconnected. After the clutch is separated, the safety pin of the control handle is not inserted, resulting in incomplete separation. When the anchor chain is laid, the anchor sprocket may drive the oil motor to rotate through the clutch, causing damage to the oil motor.

10. There are many impurities in the oil, causing internal leakage in the hydraulic system. Leakage of the safety valve on the oil circuit, leakage of the control valve, leakage of the oil motor, insufficient pressure of the oil pump, etc. caused the anchor to be weak, and it could not reach the normal speed of not less than 9 meters per minute.

11. Anchor chain wear. The first is that the chain is corroded by more than 12% (calculated based on the average diameter of the smallest part); the second is excessive wear of the swivel; the third is that the lead seals of the grillete kenter, D shackle, and anchor shackle fall off, causing internal safety The pin is out, and the anchor chain is out of joint in severe cases. It is necessary to prevent the chain and anchor from being lost.

12. The oil motor joystick is not in the neutral position when it is deactivated. When the windlass or winch is disabled, the limit block should be put on after the joystick is returned to the center.