Matters Needing Attention in the Use of Mooring Cleats Bollards


As the function of the mooring cleats bollards is very critical, the normal use of the ship requires this part to function normally, so everyone is required to optimize the purchase and installation of the product, and then in the process of applying mooring cleats bollards, the following problems should be noticed to ensure that the mooring cleats bollards can function stably and reliably.


1. Correct use of mooring cleats bollards

Any product is susceptible to damage when there are problems in use and operation, and the probability of failure will increase, and the mooring cleats bollards are no exception. Therefore, when applying the product, everyone is required to pay attention to ensure that it is used correctly and avoid any wrong operations.


2. The mooring cleats bollards should be well inspected

Even if the mooring cleats bollards are of very good quality, they may be damaged due to the influence of external factors during use, and once the product is damaged, it will have different performance in terms of function. This requires everyone to pay attention to the product inspection in the process of applying the bollards to avoid the normal use of the product that has not been found because of the problem.  WAC, as one of the most famous shipping equipment manufacturers of China anchor, can provide you mooring items, such as many types of mooring bollards, the mooring shackle and mooring anchor, custom mooring lines, etc.


3. The problem of the mooring cleats bollards should be solved in time

In order to ensure that the mooring cleats bollards can always perform their functions normally when applying the products, we must check them to find and solve the problems in the products in time.


Everyone needs to pay attention to the above-mentioned problems in the process of applying the mooring cleats bollards so that the product will have a better use effect.