The Use and Precautions of Shackle Connected by Anchor Chain on Ship

Ⅰ. The main purpose and scope of application of the ship’s anchor chain connection shackle

1. The shackle can be used for the end fittings of the rigging, which can be directly connected with the object to be hoisted during the hoisting operation.

2. The shackle can be used between the rigging and the end fittings and only serves as a connection.

3, when used in conjunction with the beam rigging, anchor shackles are connected to the top of rigging can be used instead of the lower plate of the bail ear connecting beams, easy installation and removal.

4. Якорная цепь connection shackle is the most widely used connection tool in lifting operations. It is mainly used for connection parts that are frequently installed and disassembled during lifting.

5. D-type chain shackle is mainly used for single-limb rigging; B-type shackle is mainly used for multi-limb rigging.

6. BW and DW shackles are mainly used in occasions where the rigging will not drive the pin shaft to rotate; BX and DX shackles are mainly used in occasions where the pin shaft may be rotated and for long-term installation.

Ⅱ. Precautions for the use of marine anchor chain connection shackles

Chain must be connected to shackles forging, the forged steel is generally a No. 20 made of heat-treated in order to eliminate the residual stress and increasing its toughness, not using a casting and welding shackle.

Do not exceed the specified load during use. The pin shaft and the top of the buckle should be used to bear the force, and no lateral (lateral) force can be applied. Lateral use will cause the buckle body to deform.

Should enable lifting of hanging objects on top buckle lower transverse pin, so that the pressing force cord lock pin, the pin in the frictional force generated due to pin holes, so that the pin easily coming out.

Do not throw the shackle down from a high place to prevent the anchor chain connecting shackle from being deformed and internally damaged and cracked when it hits the ground.

The surface is smooth, no cracks, heavy leather, overburning, scratching, deformation, flashing and sharp corners are allowed.

When the tubing tool is connected and fastened, the correct method of using the pipe wrench when connecting the shackle with the anchor chain on the platform is: hold with both hands; hold with one hand; hold half with both hands; step on only with feet, etc.