Introduction of 3-Leg Chain Sling


1. 3 leg chain sling


There are three solid chains in a 3 leg chain sling. Its top is connected to the main oval. This sling is also called a 3 leg lifting chain. Because this configuration is intended for use with a cable hook with three grab points.


The 3-leg chain sling is a complete set of slings composed of lifting rings, lifting chains, and hooks. Various combinations can effectively improve work efficiency and reduce costs.


The two ends of the 3 leg chain sling chain are equipped with hooks, which can also be located at the top instead of oval links. The hook of the 3 leg chain sling shall be selected according to the requirements of lifting operation; Available options include grab hook, self-locking hook, cast hook, or sling hook. The oval can also be used to replace the hook. 

The 3-leg chain sling manufactured by WAC an anchor chain manufacturer China is easy to operate and good for use.

WAC 3 Leg Chain Sling

2. How does a 3 leg chain sling work?


When the 3-leg lifting chain is used as a binding sling, the hook is only needed to hook the chain, and the rated load will be reduced by 20%. When lifting objects with a 3 leg chain sling, it is forbidden to stay under or beside the lifting objects. The correct hanging method must be selected when hanging, otherwise, the lifting object will swing, which will damage the rigging and cause unnecessary injury. When you operate such an industrial link chain, you have to pay attention to the problem of keeping the object stable.


US Standard Link Chain

3. What is a 3 leg chain sling used for?


The 3-leg chain sling can be used to lift heavy objects vertically. It can also be used for binding heavy lifting (at this time, the rated load will be reduced by 20%).