Installation, Inspection and Application of Horn Bollard

Ⅰ. Installation requirements and inspection methods of horn bollard

The horn bollard is a pile fixed on the deck to tie the cable. It is installed near the fairlead on the deck to fix the free end of the mooring line. It bears great force. It requires the base must be very firm, and the deck near the horn bollard must be strengthened. Its types include vertical, inclined, cross and mooring horn, etc.

At present, mooring equipment such as horn bollards mainly adopt welded-steel plate construction or steel castings welded and fixed, and their welds shall meet the welding quality requirements. If the casting is used on mooring equipment, the surface of the casting shall be trimmed, the gap at the connection of the casting box shall be leveled to the surface, and the casting surface shall not have closed angles, sand holes, cracks, and other defects.

The installation forms of the equipment include direct welding with the deck, welding after installing the reinforced cladding on the deck or installing on the base, and the bottom is welded with the main deck.

Although the methods are different for the above installation methods of the horn bollard, the welding requirements are the same. That is, the size of the weld shall comply with the pattern, and the weld shall not have defects such as crack, missing weld, weld bead, arc pit, and so on; For the mooring equipment with a small number of steel castings, the steel castings shall be directly welded with the hull structure during installation. The welding requirements are the same as above. After installing the above mooring equipment, its installation position and installation quality shall be checked.

Ⅱ. What should be noticed in the application of horn bollards?

Since the function of the horn bollard is very critical, and the normal use of the ship requires this part to function normally all the time, so we are required to optimize the purchase and installation of the product. In the process of applying the product, pay attention to the following problems to ensure that the product can function stably and reliably:

1. Correct operation

Every product is vulnerable under faluse operation, and the probability of failure will increase, and the horn bollard is no exception. Therefore, when applying the product, we are required to pay attention to ensure correct use and avoid any wrong operation.

2. Careful inspection

Even if the horn bollard has outstanding quality, it may be damaged due to the influence of external factors in use, and once the product is damaged, it will have a different performance in function. Therefore, we are required to pay attention to the inspection of the product to avoid affecting everyday use because the existing problems of the product have not been found.(

3. Solve problems in time

In order to ensure that the horn bollard can always function normally, we should have an examination before using the product, find and solve the existing problems in time.We need to pay attention to these operational problems of the horn bollard, and the use effect of the product will be excellent.