How to Correctly Judge the Quality of Plastic Pontoon Floats

The plastic pontoon floats can float on the water with its lower part fixed, which can be used for mooring a boat or as a beacon. The plastic pontoon floats are made of materials such as strong and tough high-molecular polyethylene, which has excellent weather resistance and impact resistance, and can resist the erosion of ultraviolet rays, frozen seawater agents, and oil stains. The pontoon can automatically rise and fall with the ebb and flow of water and is widely used in the construction of floating platform projects such as pontoons and floating docks.

Ⅰ. Advantages of plastic pontoon floats

1. The stability of the plastic pontoon floats

The upper surface of the plastic pontoon floats is designed with a non-slip pattern; the four corners are all rounded and obtuse, avoiding the dangers common to general cement, wood, and iron facilities, such as slipping, being stabbed by wood chips, and rust nails.

2. The bearing capacity of the plastic pontoon floats

The plastic pontoon floats can carry about 350KG per square.

3. Economical benefits of plastic pontoon floats

The service life of the plastic pontoon floats can last more than ten years. Except for strong natural forces and improper use by humans, it hardly needs any maintenance and repair costs.

Ⅱ. How can we judge the quality of plastic pontoon floats?

1. Visit the factory personally

Nowadays, there are many manufacturers producing plastic pontoons floats, but many of them do not have their own workshops. It is recommended that the consumers do not cut corners. The plastic pontoon floats are made by mould, that is blowing mould. You can visit the manufacturer’s production.

2. Learn the standards and materials of plastic pontoon floats

The standard weight of the plastic pontoon floats is about 7±0.3kg, and the bearing capacity is 300kg per square meter. Material: high molecular polyethylene. At present, there are many plastic pontoon floats whose quality is not up to standard, and a lot of waste plastics are added in the production process, so that cracks will appear when exposed to the sun. However, the plastic pontoon floats produced by truly qualified manufacturers have the characteristics of sun resistance. If possible, you can buy a few more samples, test on the spot, and then make the decision.

3. Consult the manufacturer

The qualification of the manufacturers can be judged by the number of cases made by them. And the authenticity can be verified by telephone inquiry.

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