How Does the Crane Chain Sling Work?


Ⅰ. Introduction of the crane chain sling

Being directly engaged in the operation of directing the lifting machinery to carry out the whole process of lifting is called lifting command. The lifting command is the specific organizer of the lifting operations. The crane chain sling refers to the operation of directly binding, hooking, and pulling objects to complete the whole process of lifting under the organization of lifting command.


Ⅱ. How does the crane chain sling work?

1. Good hoisting habits for crane lifting slings should be developed. Plan how to hang, lift and unload before lifting.


2. The crane lifting slings shall be prepared, the weight and center of gravity of the object to be lifted shall be determined, the attached documents shall be read carefully, and the lifting point and weight data shall be marked. Only after the center of gravity is determined can the hook be hung in the proper position.


3. The operator of crane lifting chains shall be informed of the weight of the object to be lifted.


4. The chain hook of the crane chains shall be vertically suspended above the center of gravity of the object to be lifted.


Ⅲ. What are the advantages of crane chain sling?


The crane chain adopts advanced chain-making equipment and technology, and alloy steel, which is wear-resistant, high temperature resistant, corrosion-resistant and it is of low ductility. It can be combined with C hook, claw hook, sling, and other lifting workpieces to drag, lift and fix goods.


The outstanding advantage of crane lifting slings is that they will not stretch after being stressed. It is mainly used in manufacturing, transportation, mining, and other fields.