How Does 1-Leg Chain Sling Work and How to Use It


I. WAC single leg chain sling


The single leg chain sling consists of Grade 80 chains, which is the minimum requirement for lifting operation.


When purchasing this lifting equipment, you can choose the size and length of the hook and chain as well as the option of increasing and shortening the clutch. The strength of single chain sling is only related to each component. Since as a reliable производитель якорных цепей, we are here to provide good quality lugged anchor shackle, Kenter link and single leg lifting chain, etc. All our single leg lifting chain components are made of high-grade steel after quenching and tempering.




II. How does the single leg chain work?


These leg chain slings should be used with vertical hooks in the lift with a 90-degree lifting angle. The capacity varies with the size of the chain.


One end of our single leg chain sling is made into an oval shape, and the other end is made into a sling hook, self-locking hook, cast hook or grab hook. The configuration with hooks at both ends is also an option, or the configuration with rectangular at both ends can be selected.


1. Leg chain sling hook: it is also known as a sliding cable hook. These large throat hooks are usually used at the ends of chain slings and wire ropes. They are usually self-locking to avoid disconnection.


2. Self locking hooks: these hooks are designed to twist in the middle and lock when lifting pressure is applied. They cannot be opened when lifted with an overhead single leg chain.


3. Cast hooks: these are super large throat hooks for special cases where larger openings are required to manage the load.


4. Grapple: there are small tips in these chain hooks that can be attached to the chain by hanging between links.


5. Oval main link: oval ring used at the top of a chain sling.


III. What is a single leg chain sling used for?


Single leg chains are usually used for lifting loads in vertical suspension devices in construction and manufacturing. Single leg chain slings are widely used because they can also be used to hold and pull loads.