Functions of 4 Leg Lifting Chain Sling


1. Introduction of 4 leg sling

The 4 leg lifting sling is a chain with four lengths of 100 connected to the top main oval link. This kind of sling is also called 4 leg lifting chain sling because this configuration is designed to be used with a cable hook with four grab points. Four legs are the maximum number of chain lengths available on a 4 leg lifting sling assembly.


The 4 leg chains can also be used as an adjustable 4 leg sling, which is characterized by an adjustable mechanism so that users can quickly shorten the chain length.


2. How does a 4 leg lifting sling work?

If it is a 4 leg lifting chain sling, the hanging point should be evenly located in the central level of the lifting object and should be higher than the center of gravity of the object that is lifted.


Pay attention to the lifting angle: the larger the lifting angle, the smaller the lifting capacity. Lifting angles over 60 degrees are not allowed.


If the uneven distribution of lifting objects is lifted with a 4 leg lifting sling, lift the two large-angle legs together to calculate the rated load of each leg. 


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3. What is a 4 leg lifting chain sling used for?

The chain surface of 4 leg lifting sling is polished by carbon black technology. The safety factor is 4 times and the operation is safe. The 4-leg chain sling has the characteristics of high strength, lightweight, stable work and it is not easy to brake suddenly.


A 4 leg lifting chain is often used in the lifting of regular objects. It is usually connected at the four corners of the object which is to be lifted for lifting. It is suitable for large-scale and frequent use occasions.