Precautions for Choosing Horn Bollards

The horn bollard is a fixed structure with one or two stub columns fixed on the deck to tie and operate cables. Every ship needs to dock while docking requires a horn bollard. How should we do when choosing the horn bollard in order to make the ship safely docked in the harbor?

Ⅰ. How to choose a high-quality horn bollard?

First calculate the number of outfittings of the ship. According to the calculation result, choose the thickness and other dimensions of the cable. The larger the number, the larger the size of the cable that you should choose.

Select the corresponding horn bollards and fairleads according to the standards or specifications. When choosing a horn bollard, consider its price, quality, and size.

Atualmente, equipamentos de amarração, como cabeços de chifre, adotam principalmente estrutura de soldagem de chapa de aço ou soldam as peças fundidas de aço no local, e a costura de soldagem deve atender aos requisitos de qualidade da soldagem. Se o equipamento de amarração for feito de peças fundidas, a superfície das peças fundidas deve ser aparada. As folgas nas juntas dos moldes de fundição devem ser alisadas até a superfície e não deve haver defeitos como cantos vivos, bolhas e rachaduras na superfície das peças fundidas.

Ⅱ. Precautions for choosing horn bollards

The horn bollard is a device for cable recovery. It is relatively common on decks and is used in many ships. What should be paid attention to when choosing this device?

1. Dimensional specifications on horn bollards.

For the selection of the horn bollard, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements on the specifications and dimensions. Due to the different sizes of ships, there will be certain restrictions on the device. So it is necessary to pay attention to the restrictions on the installation position of the horn bollard. Select to avoid problems with the installation of this unit.

2. Installation requirements on horn bollards.

When choosing a horn bollard, users need to pay attention to the installation requirements and the installation restrictions on specifications and dimensions, especially the power installation restrictions. Ensure that the device meets the stability requirements during installation and ensure its effect.

3. Functional requirements on horn bollards.

When selecting the horn bollard, it is necessary to pay attention to the functional requirements. The functional restrictions are necessary. Attention needs to be paid on the functional requirements of the cable, especially the limit of the maximum force that can be withstood, so as to ensure that the stability of the device in use and meet the functional requirements.

It could be seen that, for the selection of horn bollards, it is necessary to pay attention to these things, to ensure the stability of the device in use and meet the functional requirements.

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