Right Installation for Preventing Anchor Chain Guide Roller Getting Stuck

Ⅰ. Reasons for avoiding the anchor chain guide roller stuck

The anchor chain guide roller is an important device of the ship mooring. When the ship is parking at the wharf, the anchor chain guide roller is to fasten the ship to the wharf or pontoon with the cable by rolling the nylon rope or steel cable. The cable will burst and cause potential dangers if it is stuck. In this way, measures should be taken to prevent jamming in the usage.

1. Prevent the nylon rope of the 앵커 체인 guide roller knotted

In order to prevent jamming of the anchor chain guide roller, we should pay more attention in use. It is necessary to ensure that the extension and retraction of nylon rope can be carried out normally to effectively avoid knotting, which can make the normal operation of the anchor chain guide roller and prevent the occurrence of jamming.

2. Solve the dysfunction of the anchor chain guide roller timely

The anchor chain guide roller also tends to malfunction in use, leading to its jamming. Therefore, people should pay more attention and prevent the anchor chain guide roller from the hitch. When the problem occurs, it should be solved in time to guarantee the normal use of the anchor chain guide roller, which can also lower the possibility of being stuck.

If the anchor chain guide roller gets stuck, it will not be able to work. So it is necessary to take measures against jamming and solve problems timely to ensure the ship is safe.

Ⅱ. Installation precautions of anchor chain guide rollers

Anchor chain guide rollers are widely used in mechanical equipment handling, construction, and shipbuilding industries. What should be paid attention to during the installation to ensure the safety of the cable storage and application?

1. Fixing

When installing the anchor chain guide roller, notice the requirements for fixing. No matter where it is installed, pay attention to the requirements of fixing the device at the installation position. The way of welding is far from enough, and it also needs to be fixed with nails.

2. The cable

The cable will rotate around the anchor chain guide roller in use. During the installation of the device, attach the surrounded cable to the device to ensure the device’s operation. It needs to be noted that the cable will not wear the device during rotation.

3. Debugging

Pay attention to debugging after the installation. In addition to debugging the cable, ensure that the cable can be flexibly retracted, and do not let the cable wear out the device during the retracting process. It is important to ensure the stability of the fairlead.