ADA 앵커


ADA Aqua Drag Anchor is improved version base on generation of Aqua-Moor DSA Anchor, yet provides better performance . The anchor are designed and Pilot tested in both Mud and Sand bed in Norway , Canada and Austrilia


The features of ADA Anchor:


  • Super Holding power : at least 40 times the self weight .
  • Good stability due to large and wide fluke.
  • Quick Penetration during installation.
  • Easy Transportation. Anchor are stacked and packed.
  • S355 equal S255J2 material provide high strength in life span.

The anchor are manufacture following PRQ and WPS . and meet demand of Nytek and NS9415-2009.


All components and manufacturer precedures are fully controlled and trackable .


Specification of ADA Anchor:


Aqua Drag Anchor ADA G2  
500 21 63 18.9
750 32 96 28.8
1000 40 120 36
1500 56 168 50.4
2000 69 207 62.1
2500 87.5 262.5 78.75
Super Drag Anchors are designed especially for deployment in the sand, Medium Clay and Silt sea bottom condition. With improved efficiency on penetration during installation.




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