How is the Buoyancy of a Plastic Pontoon Float Created?


Because of its good impact resistance and other characteristics, plastic pontoon floats have gradually become popular in China. Importantly, plastic pontoon floats are harmless to the environment and basically require no maintenance.


Almost as long as there is water, whether the deep, shallow, moving, still, salt, fresh, frozen, hot water, purified, sewage, plastic pontoon floats can play their roles.


Ⅰ. The composition and material of the plastic pontoon floats


Various products composed of plastic pontoon floats have infinite changes, can be freely combined into various shapes, enjoy simple and fast installation and disassembly. And they are environmentally friendly, maintenance-free, lightweight, stable, safe and so on.


The plastic pontoon floats are made of synthetic material with high molecular weight and high density, which is a reinforced material of anti-corrosion, anti-freezing, anti-oxidation and anti – ultraviolet features, and is not subject to the erosion of seawater, chemicals, agentia, oil stains and aquatic organisms. It creates no pollution and no damage to the environment. The upper surface of the plastic pontoon floats is designed with a non-slip pattern, which is safe and stable. Its four corners are all rounded and obtuse, avoiding the dangers common to general cement, wood, and iron facilities, such as slipping, being stabbed by wood chips, and rust nails.


Ⅱ. The definition of plastic pontoon floats’ buoyancy


Buoyancy is the upward force exerted on the object by the liquid (gas) as it is immersed in the liquid (gas). The direction is vertical upward. Star sight can be carried out by the formula: F (buoyancy) = G (object) – F (the pulling force).


Ⅲ. Reasons for the buoyancy of plastic pontoon floats


It is the pressure difference between the upward and downward pressure on the object immersed in the liquid, that is: F (buoyancy) = F (upwards) – F (downwards). The description on the size of buoyancy:


  1.  Archimedes principle: an object immersed in a liquid is subjected to upward buoyancy, and the magnitude of the buoyancy is equal to the gravity of the liquid displaced by the object;
  2. Formula: F (buoyancy) = G (the gravity of the liquid displaced by the object);
  3. The extension of the principle: F (buoyancy) = G  (the gravity of the liquid displaced by the object) = m (the mass of the liquid displaced by the object), g = p (liquid) gV (the volume of the liquid displaced by the object);
  4. The size of the buoyancy of the plastic pontoon floats is only related to the density of the liquid and the liquid volume discharged by the object, and has nothing to do with the density, mass and gravity of the object.


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