The Properties Required for the Horn Bollard

Either from the perspective of the function of the horn bollard or the aspect of its application environment, the application has relatively high requirements on its performance, especially the following characteristics, so that the product can achieve good performance, be suitable for the application environment and not easily damaged due to environmental factors:

1. The strength of the horn bollard should be high

horn bollard needs to have the characteristics of high strength. The material has high strength and the overall structure is very difficult to cut, so that it will not be easily damaged by external forces.

2. The horn bollard must be corrosion resistant

The horn bollard needs to have the characteristic of corrosion resistance, because as long as it is used, it can adapt to the humid environment well without causing corrosion damage to the product due to moisture.

3. The horn bollard must be impact resistant

The horn bollard should have the characteristics of impact resistance, and it needs to be able to withstand greater impact force. Only in this way can the product be less susceptible to damage.

In order to achieve reliable function and a long service life, the horn bollard must have the above-mentioned characteristics.