What is the Double Leg Chain Sling Used For?

What is the Double Leg Chain Sling Used For?

1. WAC Double leg chain sling

Both long chains of the double leg chain sling are connected to the main oval. This double leg sling is also known as a two leg chain sling because this configuration is intended for use with a 2 leg chain sling hook with two grab points. 

2. How does the double leg chain sling work?

These double leg lifting chains can be used at 60 degrees, 45 degrees, or 30 degrees. The chain capacity of each angle varies with the lift angle and chain size. The double leg chain sling, lugged anchor shackleKenter link, and other products served by WAC, a famous anchor chain manufacturer, can guarantee the quality. If you are interested in those anchors and chains, please contact us.

WAC Anchor Chains Double Leg Chain Sling

The hook with dual leg sling is installed at both ends, and the hook type can be selected according to the application needs. Options available for double leg sling include the hook, self-locking hook, cast hook, or grab hook. A configuration with hooks instead of the main ellipse can also be used. 

3. What is two leg chain sling used for?

The 2 legged chain sling is mainly used for hoisting, traction, tension, and loading, which is widely used in iron and steel, chemical industry, transportation, port, and other industries.

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