Standards for Arrangement and Manufacture of Horn Bollard

Standards for Arrangement and Manufacture of Horn Bollard

Ⅰ. Standard requirements for arrangement of horn bollard

For tying the cable on the same cable post, pay attention to the correct pile setting method of two or more cables on the same shipboard cable pile or shore cable pile at the same time.

Requirements for the arrangement of horn bollard: two mooring assistant ropes for towing of horn bollard shall be arranged at the bow and stern of the ship, and the direction of the mooring piles shall be consistent with the horn bollard direction. A certain distance shall be kept between the horn bollard and the side fairlead or chock. It shall not be less than six times the diameter of the horn bollard on large ships and ten times on small boats. Generally, it shall be within the range of 1.5 ~ 2.5m to provide sufficient deck surface and use the mooring assistant rope.

There shall be no obstacle within 1m around the horn bollard, and the distance between the outer edge of the horn bollard and the side shall not be less than 1.5 times the diameter of the horn bollard. If there is a bulwark bracket between the horn bollard and fairlead, the horn bollard position shall consider that the cable will not rub the bracket.

Ⅱ. Manufacturing standard requirements of horn bollard

The satisfaction of the use effect of the horn bollard is popular by consumers. In order to avoid its quality problems, it is essential to consider the manufacture. What should the manufacturer pay attention to in the manufacture?

1. Pay attention to style requirements

The manufacturer should pay attention to the style when considering the manufacture of the horn bollard. Reasonable satisfaction of the style is very necessary. The guarantee of the style can make it meet the needs of product quality, and it is needed for the fulfillment of performance. 

2. Pay attention to specifications and dimensions

For the manufacture requirements of the horn bollard, it is necessary to pay attention to the requirements on the specification and size and the rationality on the specification and size to reduce the quality problems. It is necessary to meet the effect, diminish the quality problems and ensure the excellent effect.

3. Pay attention to the performance guarantee

In order to meet the requirements of manufacture, it is necessary to pay attention to the guarantee of performance and rationality of performance, pay attention to the material to ensure its excellence in manufacture materials, and strictly consider the screening to ensure its rationality in material screening.

It can be seen that the manufacturer should pay attention to these aspects to ensure the rationality of its performance and avoid quality problems.

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