Boom Chains


WAC has been supplied the boom chains for the forest industry with superior products

WAC focus on developing new innovative products to reduce your costs and increase efficiencies.

The worker cut a large number of woods in the forest and then delivered them to the side of the river. Bundling the woods by the boom chains.

Boom chain common size is 3/4”x7ft, it used with slider hook or wire open face to bundling woods 


3/4”x7FT MBL:75000LBS ,3/4”x9FT MBL:7500LBS

18mm x7FT MBL: 75000LBS, 18mmx9FT MBL:7500LBS

16mm x7FT MBL: 75000LBS, 16mmx9FT MBL:7500LBS

Round ring:forged with heat treatment  

toggle: carbon steel 

Testing chemical component, tensile strength and impacting


Application of Log Boom Chain :


 Logging wood in the forest

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