Mooring Rope-SuperTech

Mooring Rope-SuperTech

Mooring Rope-SuperTech
Mooring Rope-SuperTech

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Rope from AQUA MOOR is selected from the qualified manufacturer that has delivered to the Marine and Aquaculture industry for many years. Rope made of Combination use of high-quality polyolefin fibre provides good wear resistance, UV performance as well as good hand splicing efficiency. 3 Strands & 8 Braided Mooring Rope available. Diameter 32mm to 96mm.

SuperTEC and providing superior strength for moorings line. SuperTEC® is the stronger rope among PP, PE and Polyolefin ropes. For the Same breaking strength, smaller size of SuperTEC® can replace regular PP rope. It shows higher abrasion resistance than general PP rope. And the smaller size of SuperTEC® rope leads to saving working hours and labor cost. It is easy to handle because it floats and does not absorb water.

Features of Mooring Rope-SuperTech

Specification of Mooring Rope-SuperTech

New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope

DIATensile Strength

· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope38135.0020.40
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope40152.0022.20
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope48218.0031.10
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope50236.0033.60
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope52256.0036.20
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope55286.0039.90
· New SuperTec® 3-Strand Rope60340.0047.00

New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope

DIATensile Strength
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand RopeMMKGS/200MTON
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope4822948.9
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope5226856.5
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope5631264.9
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope6035874.4
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope64407.283.9
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope72516105.5
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope80638129.9
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope88772156.9
· New SuperTec® 8-Strand Rope90807164

Warning : The minimum breaking strength should never be considered as the safe working load of the rope


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