Mooring Plate Products Introduce


Mooring plate is a commonly used mooring equipment for multi-point mooring system. Multi-point mooring uses multiple anchor points for a ship or floating body to moor at sea. Compared with single-point mooring, its advantage is that the displacement of the moored vessel or floating body and the movement amplitude under the action of waves and currents are small. The mooring of multi-point mooring facilities requires more time, and the moored objects are subjected to large loads of wind, waves and currents. Therefore, multi-point mooring facilities are mostly used in sea areas with little change in wind direction and small waves.


Our enginneers can follow your requirement to design the mooring plate for you, based on force analysis, anti corrosion, abrasion, to use most economical material, help your system get better performance, better price at the same time.


Our Mooring Plate Size Range:


Type MBL Thickness mm Weight kg
12-holes 60T 26 60
16-holes 90T 40 125
16-holes 150T 70 230








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