Characteristics of the PE Plastic Pontoon Float and Precautions for Using It

The PE plastic pontoon float is a series-type automatic river pollution blocking device, which can automatically intercept and remove the floating objects or aquatic plants in the river channel. Not only does it not need to spend a lot of manpower and material resources for cleaning, but also surface and underwater garbage can be effectively intercepted. The floating objects or aquatic plants will not accumulate, thus it can effectively prevent the spread of surface garbage, greatly shorten the cleaning cycle, and avoid secondary pollution.

It is widely used in all kinds of dredging projects, rope threading, sewage drainage and sand extraction projects, port expansion, channel dredging, channel warning and aquaculture industry.

Ⅰ. The characteristics of PE plastic pontoon floats

1. The “slag blocking system” is composed of composite fiber ropes with a molecular weight in the millions, a mesh body made by processing, a composite fiber with high molecular weight, a float formed by high temperature and high pressure perfusion, an equalizing device and so on, which can be used to intercept floating objects.

2. The “slag removal system” is composed of a large-scale hoist, a guiding device, etc., which are used to drag the sewage to be discharged to the flood discharge area or used for regional coordination of sewage discharge.

3. The “anchoring system” consists of concrete piers or specially designed slide rails, pulleys, anchors and other facilities. It is very flexible in adapting to changes in reservoir water level.

Ⅱ. Precautions for using PE plastic pontoon floats

1. When choosing rope clips for PE plastic pontoon floats, the inner net distance of the U-shaped ring should be about 1-3mm larger than the diameter of the wire rope. If the net distance is too large, the buckle will be unable to tighten the wire rope, thus resulting in sliding and accidents.

2. The bolts of the buckle must be tightened, generally based on the flattened diameter of the wire rope.

3. The U-shaped part should be in contact with the wire rope head, and cannot be reversed with the main rope; the PE plastic pontoon floats rope clips should be arranged at equal distances.

4. In order to easily check whether the rope clip joint is reliable or to find out whether the wire rope joint part is slipping in time, a rope clip is generally added about 500mm behind a rope clip, and bend the wire rope head; if the wire rope joint slips, the “bending” will be straightened visually in the sewage interception and discharge of the hydropower station. At this time, measures should be taken in time.

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