The Necessity of Checking the Tightness of Horn Bollards

Horn bollards are used more often at sea. Installing on the deck and recovering the cables is very necessary to ensure the effectiveness of the cables. What should be paid attention to during the maintenance process?

1. Pay attention to cleaning up the horn bollards

In the process of maintenance, horn bollards need to be cleaned up, because they are generally used on ships sailing in the ocean, and horn bollards are easily parasitized by some shellfish and microorganisms in the sea, so we need to pay attention to cleaning these creatures regularly.

2. Pay attention to lubrication of horn bollards

In order to ensure the smoothness of the device in the recovery and release of the cable, in the process of using the horn bollards, the maintenance needs to pay attention to lubrication, especially the preparation of the marine special lubricant, it is very necessary for the device to reduce wear and tear during the recovery of the cable.

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3. Pay attention to the reinforcement of the horn bollards

The horn bollards will be continuously pulled by the cable during use, which will cause the device to be subjected to long-term tension during use, and the possibility of being pulled loose is very high. It is necessary to pay attention to the reinforcement requirements and pay attention to the cable. The horn bollards shall be checked for tightness regularly to ensure stability.