Characteristics and Application of Water Plastic Pontoon Floats

Characteristics and Application of Water Plastic Pontoon Floats

I. Characteristics of water plastic pontoon floats

1. The material is high molecular weight high density polyethylene (HMWHDPE), which is a reinforced material for anti-corrosion, anti freezing, anti-oxidation and anti purple line. It is not eroded by seawater, chemicals, medicament, oil stains and aquatic organisms. It is pollution-free and does not damage the environment.

2. The upper surface of the plastic pontoon floats adopts anti-skid pattern design, which is safe and stable. The four corners are arc obtuse angle shaped to avoid the common dangers of general cement, wood and iron facilities, such as slipping, being stabbed by broken wood chips, rust nails, etc.

3. With high bearing capacity, the water plastic pontoon float is stable and durable, and the bearing capacity per square meter can reach more than 350kg.

4. The service life of water plastic pontoon floats is more than 15 years. In addition to natural force majeure and man-made improper use, it hardly needs maintenance and repair costs.

5. The assembly is simple, fast, flexible and diverse. The overall module structure is adopted, which can quickly change the platform shape according to the needs of various landscapes. The appearance is bright in color and beautiful in shape, which adds icing on the cake to the scenic spot and enhances the publicity effect.

6. The cost is reasonable and economical. From a long-term point of view, it can save a large number of costs and time of maintenance, replacement and overhaul.

7. The supporting equipment is complete, including mooring bolts, cable piles, anti billiard, guardrails, landing bridges and pedals. The wharf can park ships of all sizes. In addition, due to the buoyancy characteristics of the floating platform on the water, the wharf can rise and fall automatically with the rise and fall of the water level, which greatly increases the safety and comfort of passengers getting on and off the ship.

II. Suitable site for water plastic pontoon floats

It is widely used in sightseeing, pontoon, construction buoy, yacht wharf, ferry, water leisure platform, water dance hall, stage, swimming pool, bathing beach, engineering construction and other supporting facilities. It is deeply welcomed by users because of its stable quality, novel shape, reasonable price and excellent service.

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