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Forging Method of Ship Anchor Chain Shackle and Precautions for Use


Ⅰ. Forging method of ship anchor chain shackle

The connecting shackle includes the anchor chain shackle body and the shackle horizontal pin, including the following steps:


1. Unloading;


2. The body of the shackle is stretched out;


3. The anchor shackle body is flattened and punched at both ends;


4. Shackle horizontal pin forming;


5. Remove the edges and polish.


The anchor chain shackle body is bent, and forged parts with good mechanical properties are forged to meet the size and shape requirements of the product, and the product quality is improved. As a professional anchor chain manufacturer, WAC is dedicated to improving the forging technology and producing the chain better.





Ⅱ. Use methods and precautions of anchor joining shackle series products

1. Before the operation, check whether the joining shackle type used is matched and whether the anchor chain link is firm and reliable.


2. It is forbidden to use bolts or metal rods instead of pins.


3. Check whether the ship anchor chain shackle chain link is firm.


4. Large impacts and collisions are not allowed during the lifting process.


5. The pin should rotate flexibly in the lifting hole, and jamming is not allowed.


6. One anchor chain shackle body shall not bear the effect of lateral bending distance, that is, the bearing capacity shall be in the plane of the body.


7. When the bearing capacity in the plane of the body has different angles, the maximum working load of the ship's chain shackle is also adjusted.


8. The maximum included angle between the two leg rigging carried by the ship's anchor chain shackle shall not be greater than 120°.


9. Ship anchor chain shackles such as the lugged anchor shackle must support the load correctly, that is, the force is invited to be along the centerline of the marine anchor chain shackle to avoid bending, unstable loads, and not overload.



10. Avoid the eccentric load of the ship's anchor chain shackle.

11. When the marine chain shackle is used as a supporting sling in conjunction with the wire rope sling, the horizontal pin part of the marine chain shackle should be connected with the eyelet of the wire rope sling, so as to avoid the wire rope and the marine sling when the rigging is lifted. The shackle of the anchor chain is rubbed, causing the horizontal pin to rotate, causing the horizontal pin to separate from the buckle.

12. According to the frequency of use and working conditions, a reasonable periodic inspection should be carried out. The periodic inspection period should not be less than half a year, and the longest should not exceed one year.