Installation Requirements and Service Life of Horn Bollards

Ⅰ. Installation requirements for horn bollards

The horn bollard is a pile that is fixed on the deck to tie cables. It is used for pulling ropes, and is installed near the fairlead on the deck to fix the free end of the mooring rope. It bears a lot of force, so the base must be very firm, and the decks near the bollards must be strengthened. Its types include vertical, scallop, cross and mooring horns ones.

تعتمد معدات الإرساء مثل أعمدة القرن ، في الوقت الحالي ، في الغالب على هيكل لحام لوحة فولاذية أو تلحم مصبوبات الفولاذ في مكانها ، ويجب أن يلبي خط اللحام متطلبات جودة اللحام. إذا كانت معدات الإرساء مصنوعة من مصبوبات ، فيجب قطع سطح المسبوكات. يجب أن يتم تسوية الفجوات الموجودة في مفاصل قوالب الصب على السطح ، ويجب ألا يكون هناك عيوب مثل الزوايا الحادة والبثور والشقوق على سطح المصبوبات.

The installation form of the equipment varies. Some is directly welded to the deck, some is welded after installing reinforced cladding plates on the deck, and some is installed on the base while the base is welded to the main deck.

For the above several installation methods, although they are different, the welding requirements are the same, that is, the size of the weld should meet the requirements of the drawing, and the weld should be free of defects such as cracks, missing welding, welding bumps, and arc craters. For a small number of mooring equipment using steel castings, the steel castings should be directly welded to the hull structure when installing horn bollard, and the welding requirements are the same as above. After the above mooring equipment is installed, its installation position and installation quality should be checked.

Ⅱ. How to prolong the service life of the horn bollard?

If the horn bollard has a long service life, it can be used for a long time and can play the best effect in use, so people should pay more attention when using it and need to take correct measures to prolong its service life. So, how to prolong horn bollard’s service life? The following is an introduction to this issue.

1. Prevent rust

When the horn bollard is used, it is necessary to prevent corrosion. If the product is corroded, not only its aesthetics will be reduced, but even its structure will be damaged, which will lead to problems during its use, and this will also shorten its service life. So people should pay more attention in use. And correct measures should be taken to prevent the occurrence of rust.

2. Prevent deformation

When using horn bollard, the occurrence of deformation should be prevented. It is necessary to know that using deformed products will not only fail to achieve the expected effect, but may even cause damage due to severe deformation, which will shorten the service life. So when using it, we should take measures to effectively prevent its deformation.

Because deformation or corrosion will both affect the use of horn bollard and reduce its service life, people should pay more attention when using it, and measures need to be taken to prolong its service life.